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Visionary Sunglasses TANGO Visionary Sunglasses TANGO Visionary Sunglasses TANGO Visionary Sunglasses TANGO


Visionary Sunglasses TANGO



Handmade from Italian acetate, and inspired by a concept that is guaranteed to invigorate your zest for life, you are looking at a product that is unrivaled in its category.  In terms of a quality build, and a concept that calls into focus the bigger picture of life, the WalknTalk Visionaries / sunglasses / frames transcend the ordinary realm of eyewear.  You are looking a pair of frames that will not only alter your eyesight, but enhance your awareness of your vision. Please see the *** Below. 

Not only are they made from the highest quality materials in the world, but they are inspired by a concept that you are just going to love.  Before I go into that concept, here are a few things you need to know:

1) They come standard as sunglasses in a CR39 Sunglass lens.

2) You can request a quote for standard anti-reflective prescription lenses, transition lenses, sunglass prescriptive lenses, or sunglass prescriptive polarized lenses.

3) Quotes for custom lenses can be requested at team@walkntalk.com. Please email us a picture of your up to date prescription from your optometrist. Also, please specify which style lenses you are looking for. And lastly, let us know a good number to reach you at. 


Now onto the good stuff, the inspiration behind the product...

The WalknTalk Visionaries are inspired by a 1920's phoropter.  Wondering what a phoropter is?

Here is the one that a Columbian doctor introduced to me ages ago when I began dreaming up this new concept:  

Can you imagine a better object to symbolize perspective, vision, and clarity? I could hardly either.  And that is why I did everything in my will power to track down this antique, bid it, win it, and photograph the Chicago skyline through it.  

The result is an image that still gives me pause...


Notice in the center of the circle is the John Hancock tower. Many remember John Hancock for his large and stylish signature that he left on the declaration of independence.  His name has even developed into a synonym for a signature.

Might we take it upon ourselves to declare our independence daily, and sign off on our own slips for approval?  Well, but of course.  And this is the one key ingredient we will need to "craft our vision with our experiences" -permission. So give it the old Hancock, and write your own ticket. 

 May we not look to others for permission to craft our dreams, and build our visions.  But instead, sign our own declaration of independence, and embark daily in the direction of those dreams, and craft away, enriching the journey with every page turning moment.  

At the heart of the WalknTalk brand, and the WalknTalk Visionaries is this core value -

Craft your vision with your experiences. 

And to remind you of this, we are including a microfiber cloth that has this very image imprinted on it.


Materials and Information: 

What is acetate?

Italian acetate has a 167 year old tradition, and is known as the highest quality in the world.  These frames are handmade from this material: a cotton and wood fiber mix that is strong, durable, and elegant beyond words.  

Sunglass Frame Specs:

Brow measures 14CM

Top to bottom 4.5 CM