WalknTalk Travelers (Handmade Boots)

$229.00 $199.00 -13%
  • WalknTalk Travelers (Handmade Boots)
WalknTalk Travelers (Handmade Boots) WalknTalk Travelers (Handmade Boots) WalknTalk Travelers (Handmade Boots)


WalknTalk Travelers (Handmade Boots)

$229.00 $199.00 -13%

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WalknTalk Wanderers Handmade and Shipped to You in 6 weeks. 

For Guys and Gals 

WalknTalk Travelers are a completely handcrafted, handmade leather boot.  They have been designed to fit the needs of the travelers, looking for comfort, support, and style.  Their six eyelet design brings them up the ankle enough for support while still maintaining comfort.  It is important to understand that these boots are all handmade, one at a time, and this process has certain implications.  For starters, the boots are made with a very sturdy leather that will take up to a month or more to break in.  The leather will begin to break in with extended use, and once it does should create a unique fit for a long time to come.  These boots can last a lifetime with proper care. They are made with a leather sole bottom with a rubber slab and heel. With time the heals and front bottoms will wear, and are easily replaceable.  Any mom and pop shoe repair can replace the bottoms and have you back in commission for a nominal fee. 

  Origin of the WalknTalk Travelers

   These boots are handmade by top artisans in Portugal.  They are part of a tradition of European leather boots, that has been prevalent there for hundreds of years.  This particular model has been created with all of the finest elements of Portuguese boot making.  The top outside is elegant, but hardy, and inside is lined with a separate layer of leather for more comfort, support, and insulation.  As you will notice, there is a loop on the back.  This loop is also from leather, and allows a more comfortable grip for putting on your boots.  The insole is leather, and therefore will mold to your feet over time.    


Choose from a variety of lace colors to make your boots unique. See drop down menu for selection. 


Weatherproofing and Treatment 

WalknTalk Wanderers do not come weatherproofed, though they can be treated with a weatherproofing shoe application.  WalknTalk is not responsible for undesired discoloration of boots if a shoe conditioner or application is applied to the boots.  However, we hope to soon be offering a line of organic shoe conditioner and wax.

Suggested Shoe and Leather Cleaner:



  At this time we are only offering European sizes, and only whole numbers.  If you are a half size such as 8.5 or 9.5 you should buy the 9 or the 10.  By going a half size up you will be able to be shore up the fit with a heel insert or a heftier pair of socks if need be.  


Every Pair is Unique

  It is important to understand that the natural grade of leather that is used to build the boots varies in color and texture.  Being that these are artisanal boots that are handmade, each one will have it's own unique "imperfections".  This is a part of the intentional design of building an organic and rustic look.  These "imperfections" are of course cosmetic and not structural. 


Stories and Testimonials 

   Our first pair of WalknTalk Wanderers was sold in March to Captain Jake VanReenen of TowBoat US.  He is a patroller of the St. Lawrence Seaway in Clayton, NY and the Genesee River in Rochester, NY.  As our first customer of the WalknTalk Wanderers, we extend our sincerest thanks to him and his father for their support.

"This past winter I was in Ireland for two months, I showed up with only a pair of vans slip ons. Needless to say that didn't last very long, I started boot shopping. After days of walking through Dublin stopping at every shoe store in the city I purchased a pair of boots that I convinced myself I liked. Two days later, full of blisters and bloody ankles I spoke with my friend Nate, he explained he was in the process of making prototype boots and offered me the first pair. He sent me photos and I fell in love. A short while after I was wearing my new WalknTalk Wanders. Not sure who was happier, me or my girlfriend? I've been wearing them daily for a few months now and the fit is great. They took some time to break in but was well worth the wait. From work boots to a nice dinner, they clean up well. I know I'll own this pair for a long time to come! Thanks Nate!" - Captain Jake


$10 Donated to the WalknTalk Dream Box Scholarship 

 Ten dollars from your purchase will be donated to the WalknTalk Dream Box Scholarship.  Click here to learn more. 


Returns and Swaps

 Should your boots not fit properly, you may swap or return them within  14 days of receiving the boots as long as boots remain in new condition.  For swaps you will need to please contact team@walkntalk.com.  Customers will be responsible for covering shipping and handling costs associated with swaps and returns.  Boots must be in original condition to accept a swap or return. This means that they must not be worn outside, in rain, mud, or soil.  They should not be subjected to any other wear than inside wear in order to maintain integrity of condition of the boot.  Original packaging should also be included.