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The Bard Wooden Pen

  • The Bard Wooden Pen
The Bard Wooden Pen The Bard Wooden Pen The Bard Wooden Pen The Bard Wooden Pen

Allegory Goods

The Bard Wooden Pen



Classic fountain pen with a screw-off cap. Features a steel, gold-plated, iridium-tipped nib. The Bard comes with one short international black ink cartridge and a standard international piston converter.



Our Writing Instruments:

  • Handcrafted in Chicago.
  • Standard refills available from office supply stores or here on our website.
  • Includes a brief printed history of the woods in each package.
  • Always, completely, no matter what, guaranteed. Just call us.
  • Tree planting donation to the National Forest Foundation for each pen sold.

The Original Collection

The collection that launched the Allegory brand features bold design, deep stories, and a wide variety of options for all tastes and budgets.

Ancient Kauri

50,000 years ago in what is now Northern New Zealand, a major natural event felled huge forests of kauri trees that had been growing for some 2,000 years. This event also created bogs in the area, which protected these giants from the elements. Today these trees are typically found under farmland, where they excavated carefully and the ground is returned to its previous contours.

Read more of the story here.

Midnight Sinker Cypress

Before the industrial revolution loggers practiced log driving - where floating logs down-river to a temporary sawmill was the first step in the process of creating lumber. Occasionally logs would sink and become trapped in the silt at the bottom of the river. If enough silt was laid down before rot and erosion set in, the log would be preserved. Today these century-old remnants of pre-industrial America are recovered from the bottom of river beds.