If you are a student participating in student exchange or know someone who is, then you or they are eligible for a free WalknTalk journal.  To highlight the experience of Getting Lost to Find Yourself, WalknTalk is offering a free Tom Sawyer journal each month to a student going on student exchange or study abroad.  

  To enter to win, you must submit a video, and a brief written document of your intention in taking your journey abroad.  Upon your return, we ask that you submit another short video, and a brief one page essay detailing the aspects of your journey of transformation.                                   

WalknTalk's intention in forming the WalknTalk Dream Box Scholarship:

   As a brand WalknTalk was formed on study abroad in Argentina in 2011.  The quest for oneself begins with seeing all life as a journey, and a commitment to self-actualize one's purpose.  We believe that through student exchange and other cultural exchanges that the world can grow together in ways far better than one could have imagined.  The experience of seeing oneself through the lens of a different culture, and then seeing one's own culture through the lens of the other culture creates comparison.  Before ones journey to another place one holds certain beliefs or expectations about that other place, and afterwards usually finds that her or his previous beliefs have been changed, informed, and clarified.  Through this experience of comparison arises an opportunity for synthesis or combination of beliefs or ideas.  This synthesis can be referred to as a marrying of perspectives.  As perspectives are married in our minds, we grow, we learn, and we teach others.  

  The experience of getting lost to find yourself in another culture is a powerful one.  All individuals who choose to make the leap of faith are courageous, and deserve to be heard and rewarded for leading by example.  

Submit to win your journal

Step 1) Think, what are my intentions in taking this journey?  What inspiration and excitement do I feel. What is the purpose of this trip within the timeline of my personal growth as a human being, global citizen, and a dreamer looking to create the life I'm imagining?

Step 2) Take thirty minutes to write a brief summary of your goals, intentions, and aspirations for your own growth through the pending journey.  

Step 3)  Record a simple video, via any camera that is at your disposal, i.e. your iPhone, detailing your goals, intentions, and aspirations for your journey. 

Step 4) Submit your video and essay to walkntalkdreambox@gmail.com

Step 5) Download and complete this form, and submit it to walkntalkdreambox@gmail.com

Step 6) Once notified that you've been appointed as a WalknTalk Dream Box Scholar, you will receive an email, and a journal will be mailed to you.  

Step 7) Upon your return submit a brief two minute video regarding your experience.  Send your video to walkntalkdreambox@gmail.com. 


Dream Box Scholar 2013 -Mikaylo Kelly 


Dream Box Scholar 2014 - Carolina Favale - CUORE