Brand story

WalknTalk was born on the inspirational sunburned streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Studying abroad, enterprising founder Nathan Minnehan started making and selling handmade leather bound journals at a colorful street fair. Nathan sold his guitar in a basement bar in Buenos Aires, bought sixty pounds of leather, and returned to the states with a plan to build WalknTalk.  In 2012 WalknTalk was founded in Chicago, and currently produces handmade, high quality leather goods designed to inspire a philosophy of self-creation through intentional travel.  The WalknTalk philosophy aims to inspire individuals to get lost to find yourself.  A portion of profits are donated to youth exchange, and student travel through the WalknTalk Dream Box Scholarship.  See details online at

How it all began...

What we do: 

WalknTalk works to build the highest quality handmade leather products with a variety of US-tanned leathers made in the USA and Europe.  Each Walkntalk product is hand-stitched to perfection, and made to last.  


WalknTalk leathers are handpicked and sourced from tanneries in the MidWest and California.  The WalknTalk Top line is made with Horween leather, made in Chicago since 1905.  The Horween line is exclusive, and can require a two week turn around.     

Corporate Gift Accounts:

For a standard fifty dollar setup fee, WalknTalk can create a magnesium metal stamp of your logo, and keep it on file.  From that point on you can order your custom corporate and client gifts on demand.  You will receive a custom code that gives you fifteen percent off the retail price on all orders.  All products are co-branded and hand stamped with your logo. Orders ship within 7-10 business days. 

WalknTalk Wholesale

All wholesale orders can be placed via email or direct over the phone.  See wholesale pricing for details.  All wholesale orders ship within fourteen business days, and require a twenty-five dollar shipping and handling fee.  All orders ship UPS. First time orders require payment up front. Re-orders have a thirty day net.  

WalknTalk Quest: 

To acknowledge…you, and your dreams as real entities with a higher purpose. 

To encourage….. a philosophy of self-creation and cultural exchange.

To create………..products that entice you to get lost to find yourself. 

To Give …. back to young travelers looking to discover themselves through their journey abroad. 

To highlight..the personal transformation that happens when we travel with purpose and intention on the road of life.

WalknTalk Wooden Bikes, Designed and Built By Mud Cycles, Portugal. 


WALKNTALK Wooden bikes by MUD cycles from Diogo Castro on Vimeo.

Get Lost To Find Yourself By Nathan Minnehan 2015


About WalknTalk 2012


WalknTalk Commercial (Selling on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, IL) 2012