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  Have you ever been on an incredible trip, feeling high on life, and then suddenly it was over?  Have you ever imagined what would have happened if you stayed longer, or even dreamt of never leaving?! 
These are all fascinating thought experiments, and while it's not always practical to carry them out, observing and noticing them does more than one might think.  This week we are going to take a closer look at the implications of these experiences, examining them through the lens of the WalknTalk philosophy of self-creation.  

 At a certain point, it will become evident that we have exhausted our rope in making the great climb in search for meaning in all of this.  At that moment, I will have the great pleasure of introducing a new vehicle of thought. One that is designed to move through such abstract spaces with the seamlessness of prose, picture, sound, and motion.

Let's start with a simple question...

What is a trip?  

According to Webster's dictionary, a trip is "an act of going to a place and returning; a journey or excursion, especially for pleasure." (Re-read this definition after reading this post, and replace the word "place" with "a space of pure potentiality that exists as a blank canvas waiting to receive you") 

Now let's ask another question...

What is life?  ¿Qué es vida?

In Spanish the definition is simple: "The capacity to be born, develop, evolve, and die" -Yes, even dying is part of life.  Unfortunately it is the part of life that we least appreciate, and most fear.  The process itself seems to be a shape though, doesn't it?   

Joni Mitchell called it The Circle Game 

"And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down
We're captive on the carousel of time
We can't return we can only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game"

If we were to look at our "Vidas", and the trips we take as mini lives within our life, then perhaps we wouldn't fear death so much.  Perhaps we would see that in fact we are always renewing, peaking, dying, and repeating. 

3 Parts to Every Journey

If you're familiar with the Tom Sawyer journal, then you would know that it is divided into three sections.  That is because every journey has three parts.  Before, during, and after.  Or, beginning, middle, and end. 

Have you ever dreamt up a trip, vacation, or jaunt, planned it, and then worked towards it? 
Perhaps you bought a plane, train, or bus ticket, and then counted down the days until your trip?  

I bet you were super excited the day before leaving, and might not have even been able to sleep well the night before.  Did you ever imagine that rather than "getting away" you were actually "getting a way" into another version or possibility of you?  

At the core of the WalknTalk philosophy of self-creation is an idea of getting lost to find yourself. 
The question becomes, which self?  

You might say oh, well that's a strange question. 

If we look at the definition of "Vida" once again, "the capacity to be born, develop, evolve, etc... 
then wouldn't it warrant thoughts of other possible versions of ourselves -being able to develop and evolve as well?  

After all, a "place" is "a space of pure potentiality that exists as a blank canvas waiting to receive you".

Almost like soil waiting for seeds.

Next question.

What is leaving? 

Webster dictionary defines leaving as "to allow to remain, or to go away from"

Does that not imply that a part of us stays?  - And what was it again that life does? 

Evolve, develop, die?  Unless otherwise preserved, one might say?  

Now, let's connect a few dots...

  Imagine yourself again at the end of an incredible trip. You're on cloud nine. New people have entered into your life. You have entered into other people's lives.  The version of you the night before your trip even began compared with who you are now is somehow different. Something has shifted. The unknown trip has now revealed itself.  But what about the third part of the trip. The leaving, the letting go, even the forgetting.. What about that part?  

Is it really possible that you somehow remain existing in another place? Or that place to remain existing in you? 

Well, ask yourself this question.  

Are you not many things? Thoughts, ideas, sounds, expressions, gestures, feelings... Are they not parts of you?  Are these parts not transferable?  Must you remain for them to remain as well?  

"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man"

This Greek proverb points to subtly. It also says, that experience is real, tangible, and alive.  As we affect the world around us, so we are also affected.  Is this not where we form lenses to craft our vision and become Visionaries

As you can see we have ventured into some pretty abstract territory here, and you're probably wondering where this is all going.  Well, that's how I usually felt reading philosophy texts in college.  

I confess I always wished there were videos that could facilitate my contemplation.  Something that could bring the text to life.  

Well, they say that yearning leads to creating. So, here you have it.  

Introducing Inspiration On Tap - Ideas that

Transform, One thought at a time. 


This is a project in progress, but you of course are welcome to visit the website (More content there to come)

My hope is for Tom Sawyer Tuesday to be a river carrying inspiration, and creative thoughts, things, and ideas straight to your inbox...!

Enjoy the Video, and until next week.    
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