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 This week we will be touching back on last week's theme of being a visionary. I will be telling you about one of my secret visionary techniques, and also sharing a story about how I met a guy on a train 3 years ago that muttered a phrase to me that I will never forget. It is the title of my secret Pinterest board, and the mantra I tell myself when I need a boost.  Oh, and I almost forgot.  Below is the video I promised last week about the visionaries, don't miss it! 



Ready to dance?  Thought so ... 

 I was walking through the city this week when I saw a family passing by.  There was a little girl wearing a t-shirt that said "don't wish for it, work for it."  When I was a kid, I used to wear a shirt and tie to school everyday, and prided myself on my double windsor knot, otherwise known as the "vicious v". Perhaps it should have been called the "virtuous v".  
  The school was strict, and inspired allegiance to the code "men for others".  Since then I've always known that my job was to create my job.  I wanted to talk with lots of people, and speak other languages.  My first business card even said "help the world -be positive." Was there a job for that?  

Somewhere along the way, I realized,

That's everyone's job. 

It wasn't until I was caddying one day for Tiger Wood's swing coach's brother Craig Harmon, that I realized that it's not what, but how.  Mr. Harmon asked me, "Nate, what do you want to be when you grow up?"  

"Not sure," I told him. "All I know is that I want to build my life, and be the designer of my existence." 

Another day I was the fourth playing golf in a group of adults I'd never met before.  I remember meeting a guy with four business cards.

"Wait, he has four companies?"  I thought, wow... That's interesting.  Is that even possible? 

There are moments in our development that we never forget.  Let's just call them seeds in the garden of our mind.  They are as perennial as tulips in the Spring, and you bet they're there for a reason.  

Two and a half years ago I was getting on an Amtrak train in Chicago.  A voice from behind me called in a friendly tone, and said: 

"hey there, you seem like an interesting guy. I'd love to hear about your story.  Feel free to come sit with me for a bit."

It was dark, and the diesel tint in the air was heavy. "how strange, I thought to myself." 
The guy seemed so friendly, but then again it was late, dark, and I had a ton of valuables that I needed to keep an eye on.  

In the morning, I went to the dining car for coffee.  It was a gorgeous sunny day, and the passing countryside was somewhat of a dream I stepped back into.

I started chatting with an Amish fellow, and told him about WalknTalk. Before I knew it, there was that gentleman from the night before.  His face, almost angelic, was soft like his voice, and in an instant, I knew we were meant to meet.  

In one hour, we formed a bond that has grown into an incredible friendship.  We became Skype pals, and partners in crime discussing the intricacies of life, vision, and coincidence.  

One day I was sitting around the WalknTalk studio when I got a call from him.  "There is something I want you to write down," he said. 

It's mine. It's out there. I deserve it.

"Got it?" he said. "Good, now the second part."

It's mine. It's out there. I deserve it. I have a purpose for it. And that purpose will help and heal the world. 

Since that day, I decided to empower those words. 

Ready for my Secret Visionary


Okay, brace yourself. It's so simple.  

I have a secret Pinterest board titled "It's mine. It's out there. I deserve it." 

I post pictures there that evoke powerful feelings inside of me:  Sailboats, cities, people, nature.  It's a collage that excites, and motivates me every time I open it.  It's on my phone. It's in the background when I'm working on my computer, and it's on my huge desktop when I'm just chillin' around the house.  

There's another secret board in my Pinterest.  It's titled "Thank you for your wisdom".
I post people, and messages there that give me strength, and direction.  
By building these boards, I have in a sense created bumpers on my bowling alley.  

Isn't life just a game anyway?  It is, but I prefer to see it as a golf game. You against you.  

You might say, "mishit," I say mis-thought. You might say "yanked," I'd say, off-center.  

The game of golf and arguably bowling as well are really about mastering your mind.  

Focusing on the subtleties...

So until we can all bowl solid strikes and smoke drives down the middle every time, may we use visual aids to help draw in the focus, and stay out of the gutter. 

The gutter?  
- Well, instead of scrolling Facebook too much, I make sure to scroll my Vision instead. After all, like the little girl's t-shirt said, "don't wish for it, work for it". 

Work for love, work for freedom, work for a better world.  It's everyone's job to be a visionary.

As an old quote from the Dhammapada says "your work is to discover your work, and then with all your heart dedicate yourself to it."
Looking for a great pocket-sized book packed with simple wisdom? The Dhammapada has been a daily carry item for me for years. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this video about the all new Visionaries -WalknTalk eyewear crafted with a vision. 

Click here to watch the video.

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