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 Have you ever felt like you had magical powers? Like you were capable of doing anything you set your mind to? I mean, if someone asked you, "are you powerful," how would you respond? 
 Would it depend on when they asked you, how you were feeling that day, or how much confidence you had in that moment? Where would you look for evidence to make that response, and stake that claim? 
 I hope your response is an immediate "yes," but what if it isn't?  Is there a clause? Is there some kind of syllogism you need to use to prove that you have magical powers, use them, and are powerful? Is your entire equation only valid when a certain variable is not in play?  Is there a certain place or person in your life that can take away your powers? Is it painful or scary to even consider these questions? Good. That means there is something useful waiting on the other side.  
 The other side?  Yes. This week we will be taking a walk through time, crossing rivers, and imagining
what our lives would look like if only we had time to see them. See them?  Yes, see them. (Hint, hint)

 "All consciousness is consciousness of something."
-Immanuel Kant

Becoming aware of where we are placing our consciousness, might be the first step into building a better ability to live life powerfully. 

 An elderly Sri Lankan Buddhism professor once told me, "my friend, the only path worth taking is the path leading in." 
-Dr. Wicks

He then said, "the only thing worth doing is teaching." 

"But must we not do first in order to teach later?  And what happens if we are too "busy" or too "scared" to "do," and then miss out on the teaching?"

 Could the sensation of "jumping with courage" (or traveling with purpose) be the one antidote to fear, melt-down, and everything else that truly gets in the way of living empowered lives?

 Why don't we take this opportunity to pull the magnifying glasses from our backpacks, hold them up to the moments in our lives when we can notice these subtle shifts happening, and simply and humbly say "that's interesting."   

 Without these shifts we wouldn't be human. So rather than finding fault here, let's keep being the philosopher, and receive the diamond cut key on the other side of this process.

Noticing the shift

 Many kids grow up feeling oppressed. Whether it's because of school work, friends, or family trouble, we all know emotions can run high. It's usually as a result of these emotions that we choose a particular direction in our lives. 
 But when do we get permission to stop running in that direction, drop the anger, fear, doubt, or pity, and just say "okay." "It's okay; I'm okay." "Now what?"
 What such moment would be unique enough to create such a new direction, and what would that make possible? 

 How About A Trip? A new beginning. 

 According to our WalknTalk philosophy, every journey has three parts. Before, during, and after. Almost like your life, a trip can be a new beginning, and a vehicle for personal growth and transformation. It starts with wanting to live a change, then going and living it, and lastly integrating it back into our lives. 

Being the transformed you; powerfully.

 As a teenager I struggled with a mixture of the those ingredients stated above. I imagined what it would be like to learn a new language, make new friends, and open a new chapter in my life. 
 Becoming an exchange student made that possible. 
Not only did it open a new chapter in my life, but it opened a new chapter in me. Almost as if I grew up a second time.
 The place I went to became a new home, and it seemed as though everything there was possible: finding a community of friends, living good life, becoming an artist, and most specifically, creating myself on purpose. 
 Over the years, the third part of these trips has been the most challenging; the end; going home.
This is when the "shift" usually always happened. 

Why? Old Self versus New Self.

 Growing means changing. When we return from transformative trips, that change is not always known or honored by others.  

Integrating the change, noticing the shift. 

 Each one of the trips we take shows us a new facet of who we are, and who we are becoming. They are glimpses into our desired reality; distant dreams not so distant. They give us knowledge about how to create that transformation in our own lives, and then present the opportunity to do so upon returning home.   

If you think about it, flying high in the sky, or traveling miles by car or train, leads to thinking. 

 This is when many of us do our best journaling, including myself. 

 What if we began to see trips as vehicles for forming ourselves into who we truly wish to become.
Like mini retreats custom built for our own specific needs and desires. 

 Is there anything wrong with wanting to be someone else? 

 Well, I'm not sure if it's really about wanting to be someone else, but rather about wanting to express and become what is begging to be explored. Something that is somehow otherwise denied expression because of where we are physically and/or emotionally.

"I believe there is something inside of all of us that wishes to be created, expanded, and transformed" -NM

 The word courage comes from the latin word "cor" which means heart. (Corazon;Spanish, Cuore;Italian)
It indeed takes courage to take a journey to another part of the world or country. Especially, when it involves extended stays, building niches in new cultures, and learning a new language. What it also requires is faith. Faith that something incredible is in progress. These ingredients often lead to stories that can be put in books and made into movies. It is no wonder why revisiting these journeys gives us courage, and faith that we can once again take on whatever else comes our way.  

Shifting from mind to heart
(Becoming the shifter, not the shifted)

 When we find ourselves forgetting about who we are or noticing a voice in our minds, that has shifted us, we can be sure that we have left our hearts. A lot times, I'll notice when this is happening and be lucky enough to meet someone new and reintroduce myself. The reintroducing causes me to remember the real me, the truest and most powerful self. 

But what do you mean?

 I mean that telling my story, stating my purpose, and what I am up to in building my vision, is what brings the focus back to my core; placing me back in my heart.     

 If we think about what happens when we shift from living our lives in our head to living it in our hearts, we notice something else that is going on.  
We are connected to our story, our purpose, and our vision. 

A few years ago I was sitting on my graphic designer's back deck working on the WalknTalk manifesto; a Get Lost To Find Yourself poster. 
The following phrases came to me. 

 It is in these phrases that we can find that diamond cut key, and use it to unlock our desired realities and become the stealth, staunch, healthy versions of ourselves at any given moment. 

"Ground Yourself,
Propel through Purpose,
Expand into Flow"

-WalknTalk Manifesto

If any of you have my bookmark business card, then you will notice the corresponding phrase with each place in the logo. 

While this week's post may seem a bit different than other's; it is. It is probably because I am home, it is my birthday, and I've decided to use this opportunity to feel, as a way of expressing a truth I have come to know, time and time again. 

 I would also like to call your attention to a new Inspiration on Tap video. One that is perhaps the embodiment of all of these thoughts, wrapped into one concept, and outlined in 60 seconds. 

The Theatrical Self: By Nathan Minnehan
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 As always, thank you for reading, and being willing to take the journey leading in. It is in this direction that the most fascinating views can be seen, and the most powerful lives can be lived. And of course, it is most fulfilling to live them together.  

Yours truly, 





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