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 Have you ever had the feeling like life is repeating itself?  Like your daydreaming has become something that is overtaking your present moment more often than you'd care to admit? What would it be like to jump out of our heads, and live what we're thinking about? Wouldn't that be satisfying! Hmm, but how? 
 This week I would like to propose a simple solution. That solution comes through the wisdom of an old Czech music teacher, and could quite possibly hold the key to making this year, this moment, and this chapter a downright success!
 Are you ready? It's simple but profound, and the only way to really get it is through the setting of a Czech pub. Off we go! 
 Years ago, I was an exchange student in Prague, Czech Republic for one year. It was the catalyst for learning another language, and a cornerstone to my entire vision of living an international life.
What was unique about that year, and about the life that I began crafting there, were the voices present among my friends. Everyone had one common value; being unique. The longer your hair, the funkier your style, and the more you you could be, was all the better. 
 While most of my Czech pals would argue that I was the protege of a dreaded chap two years my minor, none would deny that we were all proteges of one man, and one man only, Igor.
 Igor was the school music teacher, and majestic man that so many of us admired. He had the presence of a Lord of the Rings character, and the energy of a supernova. 
 This is the guy that would shake your hand with the force of zeus, and stare into your eyes while smiling ear to ear just before hugging you with vice-grip strength. Only to then pull back, grab you by the shoulders, and repeat the process again...
 He is also the one that led us to dream up trips to Czech cottages in the countryside where we would go to rehearse and play music, make art, and be ourselves. In terms of school trips, we had it made. All due to our extraordinary chaperone.
 It was a couple of years ago that I was back in Prague making my annual trip when we met with Igor. A close friend of mine and I sat down with him like the old days. All of us there crammed in a Czech pub on the Castle. Clouds of smoke surrounded us, as we put our glasses into the air. 
 Peter and I looked at Igor, then clinking glasses, and breaking silence we laughed, and gazed into each other's eyes. 
"Ted a
šahani",  řikal Igor.


 "Now, and Touching," Igor gestured. 

Haha, no the literal translation is obviously lacking. 
 Igor was known for his new year's themes. Not necessarily resolutions, but actions and ideas to ponder. What he meant was to be here in the now, and touch those around us. He was all about connection. 
 Based on the world we live in, looking at screens as much as we do, it's hard to deny that we need some grounding. A verbal hello is not often enough. We need to be embraced, hugged, and told that we're loved. 

 That's the theme. 

'Now and touching'

Do it now, hug your friends' embrace the love, life, and people that are around you, and just maybe something unimaginable will take place. 
 Something unimaginable surely did take place for me recently, and this is the reason why. More on that next week! 

Take care everyone, and good luck with all of that 'now and touching'

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