Believe it or not 5 years ago today I found a meteorite, and started believing in miracles.  I had departed on a three day long weekend into the heart of the Argentinean countryside.  I travelled to Argentina in my third year of college with an intention.  My intention was to take the path leading inward.  Little did I know, I was taking the first steps leading toward establishing my most important project to date...WalknTalk.  I had been an exchange student in the Czech Republic in 2007, and learned to speak the Czech language, made a family of friends, and created a niche that I loved.  I felt so inspired by that experience that I was determined to find a way to express what I had realized.  As so many powerful intentions do, mine began to manifest, and as the path unfolded, I chose to follow it.    

The three day jaunt into the Argentinean outback turned into a sixteen day pursuit after stumbling on a peculiar rock in a riverbed.  Simultaneously our satellite television was turned to the discovery channel where the "meteorite hunter" was doing a special about the characteristics of meteorites.  I took pictures of the rock we had found, and emailed them directly to the meteorite hunter, university faculties, and to natural history museums in the U.S. and Europe.  Responses were skewed, but the meteorite hunter himself responded confidently saying, "put it on Ebay with a starting bid of ten thousand dollars".  

Naturally we began to dream.  What if the meteorite was worth millions?  What would happen if money was no longer a limiting factor, but a dream multiplier?  

I sent a piece of the rock to a meteorite lab in Massachusetts for a final analysis.  They said the rock was from North America.  I assured them it wasn't.  The verdict is still out, and though it remains a mystery, I like to believe that meteorites beget miracles...

After all, looking back over the past five years, it's been one miracle after the next, and it all started pulling a five hundred pound rock from a riverbed.    






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