Welcome to the WalknTalk web lounge.  Feel free to take off your shoes, hang up your hats, and make yourselves at home. With the publication of this page, we intend to fully bedazzle you and your curiosity.  Weekly you can expect up to date content, including a range of videos, podcasts, photos, and inspiration fiber for your daily Dream diet.  Warning: Some content may be in Czech and Spanish ;)

The idea is to try new things, seek new outlets, and include you every step of the way!

We are all on the journey to self actualization, and when we Walk 'n' Talk together, the road becomes bearable, shareable, and a lot more enjoyable!  

So go ahead I dare you...Get Lost To Find Yourself...others will follow suit.





I love my Tom Sawyer! Thank you Nathan. I plan on reading and commenting on your blog. So glad your part if the RoPa community.



I’m rlealy into it, thanks for this great stuff!

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