Over the course of the past four years, I have learned a tremendous amount when it comes to crafting, sourcing, embossing, and stitching leather.  The journey of learning about how to engineer leather cutting dies, source quality branding irons, and build the best quality product by hand, has taught me, indirectly, valuable lessons of the trade.  Being in an old world business in modern times is both exciting and frustrating.  At the end of the day, it boils down to building a reliable and resilient supply chain, like any good business works at creating.  Building this supply chain has been an incredible journey.  From establishing relationships with the Amish, to relying on my Czech and Spanish language skills to fortify invaluable partnerships oversees, WalknTalk has been built with the help of amazing individuals on three continents (South America, North America, and Europe).  And of course, it has been nourished by the kindness of gracious local customers who have seen the value in the product, and supported the mission.  For that, I am infinitely grateful. 

 As the holidays draw nearer this is a great time to set up a one on one, and meet with Nathan directly to see how we can build a custom product for you.  For starters, you can order a Custom Logo Stamp, so that we have your embossing stamp on file, and ready to go for when you're ready to place your order.  Learn more about the simple process of building your custom corporate gift, and client gift orders.  Please direct all meet up and quote inquiries to team@walkntalk.com. 



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