How many times do we embark on journeys with intentions of fulfilling a desire to see an ever expanding web of places and things?   Do we really dare to believe that seeing "everything" is the end to which our desire is truly aimed?  

The fact is that people travel, and their worlds unfold in unexpected ways usually yielding unexpected pleasures and serendipitous circumstances.  We relate to such ideas through stories like Eat Pray Love and fictitious tales like the Alchemist.  But how often do we travel with a mindset that we are in fact going to focus on seeing less and experiencing more, on being present to infinite possibility in new places, and letting it draw us in?  What I am ultimately advocating is a creation of space for something unexpected and brilliant to enter into your pending international reality.  In other words, the space created can purely be for play,  a place to dance among the public, and to relish in joys of life unbridled as they may be.  

  A close friend of mine recently said to me, "I just want to see you dance.  Won't you dance for me?"  Alone I'm free, abroad I am free, but in her presence I'm captive to some personal restraint.  What would it take to break free from these constraints, and say "F**K It, let's dance!"

 There is a poem by Hafiz a Persian poet that says "be wise and cast all your votes for dancing".  What else are we working for if we don't? And once we do, how can we embrace play and dance in longer stints.  The times when I have grown the most, and withdrawn the least have always been on the road.  The longing to go is real, and exists as a route to you; the ever mysterious entity that ironically some people dying before knowing.  

  If we make one mistake in life, let it not be to lie captive to indecision.  Let us throw off our anchors of doubt, and heed the call of the awakened spirit inside.  After all, it's not about traveling the world, it's about traveling your world! 

Cheers to casting all your votes for dancing folks! 

Remember to WalknTalk and Get Lost To Find Yourself.




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I cast my vote for dancing! And there’s only one rule, dance as silly as you wanna!

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