How often do you wish you had a nice leather organizer to bring with you to interviews, meetings, or just casually to the coffee shop?  Finding a unique piece that is versatile can be challenging, and that's why I designed the Big Thinker Leather Composition Notebook Cover.  It's large enough to take down notes, plot ideas, and small enough bring everywhere with you.  

I often use the inside cover to place loose papers, and other loose files I'm carrying.  The elastic is durable, and made to last a very long time.  If at any time years down the road the elastic wears out we will replace it free of charge so long as you cover the shipping.  

Each Big Thinker Leather Composition Notebook Cover is hand cut, and sewn to perfection.  Note that each piece of leather is unique and carries with it its own unique imperfections adding lots of character to your already handmade unique notebook cover. 


You can refill you Big Thinker Leather Composition Notebook Cover with any standard sized speckled composition notebook.  (Recommended page count for best fit is 100 Sheets).  


The Big Thinker has been named so as to inspire you to your greatest achievements, and to encourage you to see yourself as the hero in your own story.  Anyone who has built an empire or changed the world first had to think big.  The power of intention coupled with the desire to build the life you've always dreamed of living are magic ingredients to make any of your plans a success.  Forge your next big steps with a Big Thinker

Remember to WalknTalk and Get Lost To Find Yourself,


Out for a morning stroll with my Big Thinker ;)  




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