Have you ever thought of going, seeking, and finding a new existence in a new land?  Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder, to what corner of my great city will I wander today?  Or perhaps, in which corner of which great city is a parallel self of mine wandering today?

What if we began to see the spiritual, emotional, and physical development of our lives being determined by the niches that we build into them?  What possible new perspective and understanding could that paradigm yield?  In short, a quantum leap, unmeasurable and unquantifiable...

No more than seven months ago I embarked on a journey around Europe.  Starting in Istanbul, then to Prague, then to Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, then to Berlin, and finally to Portugal where I stayed.  My time in Portugal was supposed to last for five days.  When a series of events seemingly asked me to stay, I said okay, I'm not leaving.  Forty-five days later, after having missed four flights, I finally decided it was time.  The town I stayed in seemed like a remnant of a long lost dream I once had.  New friends sprung up like tulips in Spring, and a magical force of love was swirling.  I wasn't quite sure what was happening, but I was present to a gift, and a new beginning.  It felt like the intention of my trip was suddenly manifesting before my eyes.  

I recalled the dark cold december night of 2014 when my fingers hovered over the mousepad, waiting to click purchase on my plane tickets to Europe.  I had just been in Prague three months earlier for my best friend's wedding, and I knew I should probably stay in Chicago, and save more money before traveling again, but something couldn't wait.  In winter I'm able to take time off, and so with the cold season fast approaching, I decided to travel with the intention of manifesting the next stages of growth in my career, and my life.  I wrote it down in my handcrafted leather journal, and began opening my mind to a possibility far greater than I could imagine.  

Flashing back to the view from my new found attic apartment in the north of Portugal, a sigh of wonder and amazement fell over me.  The two months leading up to my last days in Portugal had shown a different life that perhaps I was always living.  The you that goes on existing in the eyes, minds, and hearts of those we connect with in different lands is real.  The time there, outside of mundane life back home is somehow eternal.  As they say in spanish, "nadie es profeta en su propia tierra", "no one is a prophet is her/his own land".  And so this is a reminder to anyone who feels the calling to rediscover the music playing on the other side of their own spinning record, you can do so if you choose powerfully.

Remember to WalknTalk and Get Lost To Find Yourself,


Coming to you from my extended living room in Chicago, IL -Royal Coffee







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