You might have taken a philosophy class or two in college and been intrigued, but do you recall any of it that you actually continuously apply on a regular basis?  

A continental philosopher who still teaches at the University of Chicago, Jean Luc Marion, writes on the topic of the "saturated phenomenon" in his work, In Excess. Although a somewhat challenging text to decipher alone, it is worth the time to understand what he names a "saturated phenomenon".  In layman's  terms, it is an event or occurrence whose stimulation is so great that it is beyond words, and impossible to reconstrue in all of its brilliance to anyone thereafter.  What if we started to notice when we were living these "saturated phenomena", and really allow ourselves that pleasure of knowing that something is truly happening at a deeper level. i.e. Transformation. 

  Have you ever woken up from an incredible experience the day prior, and just felt utter bliss?  As if all night you slept on a warm rock elevated out in the canyon of dreams and infinite possibility?  I hope you have, and if you haven't, then here's to setting the stage for that to happen.  

Little bros and I taking in the surreal outside the Chicago Planetarium. 

 As you notice the events over the course of the day reeling by, and the extraordinary inflow of tasks, todos, conversations, and other happenings, become presently aware.  Be mindful of your environment but unattached, and watchful of the patterns.  As we become open to noticing life instead of reacting to it, we prepare ourselves for the mindset of experiencing the surreal.  As the philosopher Schopenhauer notes, the experience of being completely and utterly present as phenomena occur, we open another world of insight and possibility.  He says that if a lightening bolt were to strike the ground next to us, and we were able to just say "wow, check out how beautiful that bolt is," then we are resisting the natural inclination to scream and run and thus "re-act" instead of just being present and aware. Therefore, by remaining present to whatever it is that happens, to relinquish reaction, and to hold steady to our mindset of embodying the present, we resist, and therefore are given reality at a purer level.  This is tapping into the surreal… 


As write in handmade leather journals, and WalknTalk, life awaits us with marvelous opportunities to feel, to be, to notice, and to become.  May we have a day to do just that. To be with resistance, and to open up to the world beyond our "re-actions".

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Writing to you from the "L" train today. -Chicago



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