In life there seems to be an intertwining that happens.  Somewhere between night and day there is a force that closes and opens and then closes and opens once more.  During the opening and closing of these worlds we are given glimpses of perspective in the form of brief aha's in which we see only for a moment what ties these two worlds together.  It is as if there is an invisible horizon that only we are conscious of as we take notice that it is even there.  

  A buddhism professor I had in college used to say that karma was like an invisible thread connecting us with life, and as we moved through life, so it moved with us.  He used to hold up his hands in class, and say in his Sri Lankan accent, "my friends, with these ten digits we create our lives." I can remember a class when he walked in, placed his briefcase face down on his desk, walked over to a student in the front row, and said "who are you?".  There was a pause.  "That's right, you don't even know," he said.  Naively, most people laughed.  But the way in which he was talking about knowing oneself was perhaps a knowing that we only aspired to attain.  In his candid way of relating things to us he would often say.  "My friends, be kind to your mind."

Watch your thoughts today, and realize a greater self-knowing by writing in a handmade leather journal.  I would recommend the Tom Sawyer for starters ;)

Remember to WalknTalk and Get Lost To Find Yourself,


Writing to you from the train today, cheers! 





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