Do you remember being a baby and having a blanket?  Maybe a soft one with a silk outer edge that you would rub your face on when you went to sleep?  Do you remember when you finally slept without it?  Or perhaps you never let it go.  I confess, I still don't know what happened to mine, but I was heart-broken when I lost it.  

 At one point in our lives we come to a place of imminent growth.  Whether it's facilitated by a coming of age, or a change of scenery, it happens, and our lives are somehow different.  Time passes, and layers are born.  Those layers can be likened to different worlds, all harboring their own possibilities, illusions, and fantasies.

 When I realized that these other worlds we create are somehow imbued with their own magical powers, I began to live the journey from a place of trust and deep faith in the path unfolding before me.  This world opened through writing in my handmade leather journals, setting intentions of new possibilities, and desires I wished to be created.  Those desires included learning the Czech language, surrounding myself with a group of loving friends, and building a niche in the world that I could always call home; a world away from the home I was born into where I was freely able to be as I wished. A world known to others as Prague.  


 Years later these worlds seem to have found a rhythm in my life; one which comes in waves and swirls with the seasons.  As the calendar turns and the planets twirl, perpetuating in circles around the sun, our worlds keep intertwining.  With each hello and goodbye we seal new moments retired to eternity, always seeming to pass with tears and trepidation.  

 Summer has a way of bringing my brothers and sister to me, and winter a way of launching me to them.  I would say it's like a great dance of love that we have grown into over the years.  The dance has taught me to trust, and follow the path wherever it may lead.  While these exciting journeys are not always easy to make, they have a way of drawing us into moments richer than gold.

This summer two of my closest Czech pals came to the States.  Their presence created a space of wonder and mystery, as if to draw me suddenly into a dream.  And I was drawn.  Days passed slowly as we saw each other in new lights, experiencing life together in new ways.  Who they were to me, and who I was to them was something beyond words.  Years ago they inspired me to be myself, and somehow they say I have returned life's great deed.  Being with them here created a beautiful contrast; a world within a world.  It's juxtaposition, a complex composition, painted with love and timeless curiosity.  

As they set out to get lost to find themselves, they did so beautifully with a wandering spirit. 


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 Jennie Landfield

Jennie Landfield

Keep sharing your wonderful experiences and heartfelt reflections, Nathan! They are so natural and smooth and rich, like a cup of fine coffee!

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