In the Fall of 2009 a friend of mine moved to Chicago to pursue a career in finance.  After serving our country proudly for several tours in the Middle east, he thought he'd try his hand at business in the windy city.  Over the course of the past six years he's felt the urge to seek a deeper connection with life and nature.  Like many of us on the road to seeking a deeper purpose in life, he's naturally become more curious about what would be possible if he were to follow that urge to go, to listen to the voice within, and throw caution to the wind.  As we journeyed together into the jungles of Costa Rica this summer I could see his spirit aglow.  

Wes Ottey rocking out at his desk for one last time!  JUNE- 2015

 Before leaving Chicago we stopped into his office downtown. The skeleton crew was working the night shift placing stock trades.  One of the guys asked what the bags were for that we had with us.  He said, "I'm out of here.  Nate and I are going to scout out Central America together in the morning, and my last day is July 20th."  I could see his co-worker's face melt with insecurity.  "Where are you going?" he said.  "I'm going to get lost to find myself," he said with shy pride as his face lit up letting out a controlled bellowing laugh.

 My pal wrapped up a few odds and ends at his desk as I sat on the tightly woven berber carpet feeling like Jack Kerouac waiting on Neal Cassidy in corporate america.    

 As our cab door shut, I could almost feel the longing of his co-worker most likely peering out the window from the forty-second floor in wonder and angst.  How often do we feel like that co-worker?  How often do we wish that we would just step-out, plan a trip, and rediscover possibility with what courage we can find?


 As we climbed to the top of a zip line tower in the jungles of Costa Rica, it dawned on me.  I have to share his story, and sing the song of the unsung hero.  As that occurred to me my buddy Flipped, LITERALLY.  

It was then that I couldn't resist filming what I can barely put into words.  

Thank you to Wes Ottey for letting us share his story and for heeding the call to go! 



Remember to WalknTalk and Get Lost To Find Yourself,


Wes and I in route in Costa Rica... 



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