When you want something with your entire being, you ache for it.  The desire to live a life that sets you free is unbridled, and often feels like a constant reving engine.  As we chase the dream life places in our soul, we wonder; "Is not all of this life just a series of emotions in an endless sea of interaction?"  I would agree that it is, but not before amending one c.  That missing clause is "in search of purpose".  


How often do we start our day with a moment of brief solitude, not measured my time, but by coffee?  

A state of consciousness in which we either wake with gratitude, or rise in pain.  In those brief moments of inner peace or riotous rage, life presents us a choice, "muster the courage to be the true you, or sigh in hopeless defeat."  Of course their is only one choice.  

A long time ago I entered the notion of living life like a novel that is being written, and to see myself as the protagonist.  By developing the habit of being present to my role as lead character in this novel of life I often found the strength to choose powerfully, and slay the dragon of fear.  As we navigate our ships through the seas of life, we should write.  What else can focus the wandering mind, or soothe the reeling heart?  

 Handmade leather journals are the archives of ancient wisdom, and too often we believe it has all been written.  What if instead of seeing the written word as an arena of competitive creativity, we saw it as a medium for translating desire into reality?  

For many years I have kept several leather journals in my pack,  the same canvas leather backpack that I hand stitched in college, and that I have carried on all of my journeys.  The beauty of such an object is the connection you create with it.  The same thing goes for the leather journals that we carry.  As they sit in the bottom of your day bag gathering crumbs, dust, and fibers, peaking their beloved heads into the neatest crannies of your world, they find expression.  Absorbing your journey they gather soul.  The next time you open your handmade leather journal try to be present to possibility.  Narrate the life you are living from the point of view of an author.  Realize that the written word has a hidden power, whose nature can and does create your reality.  Begin to relate to yourself as the hero of your own journey, and the victor of your own cup.  

I have a stamp that I use as the heading in all of my Big Thinker Composition Notebooks.  It reads "I am the master of my fate, and the captain of my soul."  

Build a "desire to reality" structure into your writing, and pen the mind into a mystical glory of magical manifestation.


Remember to WalknTalk and Get Lost To Find Yourself,




Jennie Landfield

Jennie Landfield

Wonderful essay! Very inspiring and beautifully written! I am going to get out my gorgeous Walk and Talk leather journal, and begin carrying it around with me. I love the idea of the journal having a life of its own! And I love the encouragement you provide ~ to use writing as a tool for creating my life! Thank you!

Kathy Magee

Kathy Magee

Amazing and you certainly gave me alot to think about, as always you hit the spot!!!!!!
Looking forward to reading more!!!!

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