Imagine there is an invisible thread tied to your shoe.  Imagine that wherever you go it is woven into the fabric of existence with a pervasive presence penetrating every nook and cranny of your path.  Now think of the connection that your invisible thread has been creating everywhere in the world that you go.  Now ask, where will I go today?  Or better yet, in which direction will I be called to WalknTalk?    

  This is the thought that occurred to me this morning as I overlooked lake Michigan propped up on the seat of my green Schwinn WalknTalk mobile.  It was 8:57AM, and I was determining which cafe to go do my work in for the morning.  I asked myself, "what would my Czech self do?"  What would the Portuguese me do?  How about the Argentinean self, what would he do?".  I imagined commuting from my homes there to my favorite cafes in the respective countries, and noticed the journeys that those commutes provoked. I often notice the way of Being that occurs as I travel and transition into a realm of infinite possibilities and necessary action.  I looked down at my boots, and it was obvious. Be the Wanderer.  Whichever cafe I'm going to go to today must be one which creates a feeling of wandering, and a sense of getting lost to find myself.  I thought about the commute I make to the cafe when I'm in Prague. Sensations of trams, and the ringing of the tram bell resounded in my minds eye.  I realized that magic of that journey, and said yes!  Without hesitation, I pushed off of the break wall, leaned forward, and peddled into the wind.

 I boarded the L train, and came upon a cafe I'd discovered the other day in Edgewater called Zanzibar.  I immediately recalled Zanzibar cafe in Prague, and said to myself.  "aha, Zanzibar!" in my most natural Czech accent.  My eyes gazed out the window, and then down to my Wanderers.  I smiled and said "thank you."  They knew all along... 

-Bryn Mawr L Stop, Chicago, IL, USA.  Wanderers forty-third day in route. 

Get yourself a pair of Wanderers! 





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