What does it mean to create, to manifest, to become?  There are facets of ourself, and our desires that beg to be expressed, opened, and revealed.  I find that my tools guide the vision that my intuition's eyes can only see.  Like another all encompassing sense that just knows where to cut the leather, where to put the first stitches, and how to mold things, I just follow it.  

In the past six months I have introduced quite a few new products to the WalknTalk shop.  Much of this growth has come naturally, and definitely been sped up through traveling with intention.  This past December I booked a flight to Prague, with a plan to visit roughly nine countries.  During this trip I wanted to write and explore further the formula of Get Lost To Find Yourself.   First and foremost, creating anything first begins with creating, and re-creating ourselves.  In Czech they say for every language you know, so that many people you are.  In late January of this year when I arrived to Portugal, I had no idea I would be leaving in March.  In fact I had planned on staying for five days.  Four missed flights later, I could barely fathom the thought of leaving.  An old buddhism professor used to say that everything is a process, and our lives themselves are just that.  He would say, my friend "be kind to your mind".  

Traveling intentionally is like relaunching into the galaxy of the unknown with a determination to flow into the creative being that you ultimately are.  And so this trip that started out as a six week jaunt turned into a ten week soul shaking experience.  The entire trip left me feeling like now is the time.  It was as if an exhaulted sense of carpe diem had been detonated in my being.  Sleeplessly progressing toward the unknown always seems to be a sure formula for imminent rest, but something interesting happened.  All of the time that these creations have been rearing their heads, never once did the common cold get me.  Even when I was down and tired, because purpose is stronger than anything else.  If we know our purpose or spend time intentionally rediscovering it, then we exist for more than ourselves, and our presence to that yields a discovery of strength and nourishment everywhere. 

Cheers to expressing slowly what has taken us years to cultivate ...

Yours truly, 


This is the Wine Traveller. 



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