Tom Sawyer Journals by WalknTalk.

 Journals are the ankle of your spiritual foot.  They help us rise to new levels of perception and understanding in our lives.   How many times do we have an epiphany and then find ourselves interrupted by the mundane demands of the world around us?  How many dreams have we dreamt that if we had only written down, could have given us the extra insight we need to really identify the themes at work in our lives? When does someday begin, and what will it take to summon the courage to take the first step on the road to bringing our higher ambitions to fruition?

  Shakespeare once said that nothing is or is not, but that thinking makes it so. My hunch is that the written word makes it so as well.  Writing our thoughts down in a special place creates a pattern, and seeing that pattern creates insight that can spawn real life transformation.  

  Making a pact to make it happen

How often do we go to others to discuss our deepest desires for a fulfilled life, and only find a half tuned listener?  What are the chances that whoever you tell really feels the inspiration that is running through your veins, or the firmness with which you proclaim your truth?  By turning to your journal instead of your friend for these ambitious yearnings, you can count on a tuned listener that will better serve your inspiration, and reflect it back to you instantly from that moment on.  It is not to say that friends can not be great council in times of need, they can.  What I am saying is that if we want to capture the essence of our inspirations and elaborate on them more intently, we need to tap into the dynamic of inner dialogue that the written word opens up.   



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