What could be more beautiful than watching your neighborhood come alive through music, dance, art, and food and drink?  Imagine the street where you do your banking, go to the grocery store, and buy your sweetie flowers.  Now get out of your car, and see it transform into a grassroots art and music festival full of families, volunteers, artists, and people that care about the community you live in.  That’s what it feels like every year I set up shop at the Glenwood Arts Fest.   


  In fact, every year at this fair I feel like we turn a page together as a community.  In that way, it’s been a real benchmark for WalknTalk.  From 2012 until this past August, we’ve made heaps of progress.  From delivering supplies by skateboard, to building floats the night before, to rounding up the entire neighborhood to carry pounds of notebooks and supplies back to the WalknTalk studio, we’ve engineered a special red thread each year to sew it all together. 

  Learning every step of the way is really the nature of the journey of being an artist, maker, and entrepreneur.  I take great pleasure in hearing the stories of others, and singing the song of myself as well with the WalknTalk brand.  


  Everything we do, create, and make is an extension of a greater reality we’re living in.  I’m happy to be creating in the context of a neighborhood I feel supported, loved, and embraced by.  A local Rogers Park friend named Clay and I refer to it all as one great Paradise.    

  Thank you to everyone who stopped by at the Glenwood this summer, and bought a journal, or just shared a moment.  I look forward to meeting you again this Fall, and Winter season. 

Let’s WalknTalk our dreams to fruition!  

 Yours truly,



  "The human spirit comes alive at this event, and the Morse Avenue becomes a boulevard of meaningful encounters.  As an artist this fair is definitely all about the community." -Nathan Minnehan  


WalknTalk's 3rd Annual Appearance at the Glenwood Arts Festival




This summer we set up for the annual Glenwood Arts Fest in Rogers Park for our third year in a row.  Hands down, this is the best craft fair of the summer season for a few reasons.  Besides being a free block party for the neighborhood, this festival attracts 100 hundred artists offering a wide range of arts and crafts, local food, and three live music stages.  

Facts about the Fair............................................................

 Most large scale craft fairs can seem over-priced ranging from four to five hundred dollars.  One of the nice qualities of the Glenwood Arts Fest is that it’s subsidized to give the artists a bigger profit, and the public a free entrance.  


A special thank you to Patrick Engman for his photography work.


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