What can a WalknTalk Tom Sawyer journal do for you, and your marriage?  
 A few months ago I received an email from a customer requesting some custom initialing for a Tom Sawyer.  He told me that he and his wife were teachers, and that every summer they take a special trip.  This coming year they are headed to celebrate adventure out West in their Westie Volkswagen bus.  The most important part of their trips came through writing and documenting those moments, he said.  He emphasized how reflection through writing things down strengthened their bond, and turned those ordinary moments into extraordinary treasures in the years that followed.  
  If you've ever tried obtaining permission to read someone's journal then you most likely have met resistance between that individual's thoughts and your curious desire to know them.  We guard that which is sacred to us with our life, for what is precious is revealing. What could be more beautiful than creating what is precious together, and by doing so reveal the space between us?   
Here is the couple that lays testament to their love in a picture that says it all.  
And look who's tagging along...!




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This is so Beautiful. They are so Beautiful :)

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