Have you ever wondered what it would be like to change? To become something, or someone you have always longed to be? Have you ever considered the limitations, conscious and unconscious, self and otherwise imposed that naturally come from the place you are dwelling?  

 In 2007 I began packing my suitcases for student exchange. Inside, I placed many books I had always longed to read and be influenced by. Soon to embark on a journey that I believed would change my life for the better, I did something absolutely commonplace that had an extraordinary impact. Wondering what that might have been? 

Well, it's simple. I got excited. 

In fact I got so excited that I imagined what it would be like to go away for one year, and become the best possible version of myself. I wanted to grow out my hair, become the artist that I knew I was, and make amazing friendships. 

By the end of my ten and a half month stay in Prague, Czech Republic, I had done just that. 

I did it so well in fact that when I came "home" to friends and family who hardly recognized me. 

Some people even scoffed at my change attempting to invalidate what I had discovered about myself through this journey that had resulted in an altered appearance. 

How did I bring this change about? Through excitement. 

Excitement brewed inside of me like an alchemic kettle stirring with intention. I could see who I wanted to become, and I became it. 

An artist, a thinker, a musician, a poet, a good friend, and soon a student of philosophy. 

Two years later an opportunity to manifest heavily and fully came through another year of student exchange. This time I packed only one bag, and got excited yet a again, but this time about one thing one. Life purpose. 

I arrived to Buenos Aires, Argentina with a hiker's backpack, a guitar, a few journals I had sewn to give as presents, and one book. 

The book was called Be Here Now by BABA RAM DASS. 

I sat with this book at night in my room on the floor. I examined it's psychedelic pages. I searched for hidden messages, and prepared to receive what I believed would become my "life's purpose." 

Something told me to go to an art fair to meet local people on the anniversary of my grandfather's passing. 

I went, and the gates of friendship were opened. 

Walking through a crowded street fair on a hillside that resembled a labyrinth, I met a group of artisans making jewelry and kaleidoscopes. One of the men sitting there resembled a Bolivian version of Bob Marley. After a few hours playing music with them, he signaled for me to follow him to meet the Abuelo, (grandfather in Spanish). 

The Abuelo would go on to teach me to become the Artisan Entrepreneur I am today. He sculpted my instincts through questions and philosophical statements. 

Often saying things, and then gazing into my eyes and shaking his head up and down until he knew I got the point. 

Through the Abuelo I met a woman who became my friend. 

I stained paper with coffee on her rooftop in Buenos Aires, and had a dream of inspiring people to Get Lost To Find Themselves with my notebooks. 

I built a website, and kept dreaming. 

I dreamt before bed, in the morning over coffee, during the day at the university, on the bus, and walking home from class.  

I dreamt in my last year of college, and everywhere I went. I filled notebooks with plans. Tools to acquire. Molds to make. Materials to source. I did this daily until I became a magnet for everything WalknTalk related. 

I talked about Getting Lost To Find Yourself from behind a bicycle on Michigan Avenue selling my journals in Chicago. I talked to strangers on trains and planes around the country, and to customers in the Pizza place I used to work at to make cash to grow my business. 

As time went on I dreamt of making other things that could carry other messages to inspire the world. 

Fast forward eight years later since I ventured to Argentina to discover my life's purpose, and I now find myself in Porto, Portugal. 

This time instead of growing my hair long, and I am having fun experimenting with cutting it short. 

What excites me most now is creating messages directly, through books, brands, and clothing.  I enjoy wearing my messages in suits that I design through my brand Big Murphy's

Like many writers I admire who wore suits and old fashioned apparel, I too have  found a fond connection to the timelessness of a special suit. 

The suits I wear are not ordinary. They are all designed with a specific intention to heighten my level of consciousness surrounding my higher purpose, and what life wants of me. 

Sitting in a small cafe in Porto, I recently discovered the plethora of brilliance surrounding the 'hero's journey' through interviews with Joseph Campbell on youtube. 

I realized that the bliss he talks about following is something not everyone finds as easily as others do. 

Realizing that, it occurred to me that many people often say yes to a life that doesn't truly excite them, but rather "secures" them in some way. 

So, I did the thing I enjoy most doing at the moment. I wrote a book. 

The book is called NO, Know Your 'NO'. It will be on Amazon in the next two weeks. 

The book is about the power of Knowing your 'NO' and what kind of climate that can create in one's life. 

Like physical climates, emotional climates are real as well. They sculpt the world we see, and limit the excitement we can have. 

If you are wondering where the excitement has gone, perhaps it's time to alter the climate by starting with 'NO' instead of Yes. 

Once you begin choosing a life that you are excited about, you will naturally know what your bliss is, and begin dreaming as well about something you are excited to do, create, or become. 

As always, thank you for reading. 

Get Lost To Find Yourself,