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The Infinity Pad 5x7 (Chestnut)

by WalknTalk
Price $39.99

You’re out walking at night in the neighborhood. The last of the day’s stresses and worries are draining from you and you’re enjoying the cool kissing breeze. Suddenly your gratefully cooling brain jumps with an unexpected inspirational spark. That’s it! You’ve somehow just figured out how to express in words what you’ve been meaning and trying to say all along and it now seems so easy you can’t believe it. Of course! You can’t wait to write this all down in your new notebook. Finally.

This unique design sits flat, stays open, and avoids the havoc of spirals.  
It's user friendly to lefty's and righty's.  Assembled with a nickel plated Chicago screw, 
the chrome touch makes it seamless.  

Paper: Eco-friendly cardstock (Rainforest Alliance Approved)




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